is leading company of North India in Poplar plantation for the farmers to raise Poplar and Clone Eucalyptus plants with their marketing and extension services throughout the rotation. HAFCO raising millions of high quality and genetically pure plants of commercial clones with high technology in its nurseries by highly qualified and technically skilled personnel's since 1995.

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Poplars are being grown for the last decade and a half by farmers of Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, H.P, J&K and North Western U.P. Under irrigated agro forestry conditions poplars are capable of achieving an average girth of 100cms and height of 28mtrs over a short rotation of about 5-8 yrs. Trees around this size are commercially utilizable and are basic raw material for a number of wood based industries like plywood, match splints, pencils, sports goods etc.

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1) Poplar Clones
It is advisable to select clones of Poplars according to the nature of the soil at the planting site. Broadly, the clones/soil type combination can be as under :-

Best result oriented in Loam to Sandy Loam soil : G-48, Udai, W-22, W-81, W-101 and A-26 are suitable clones for Agro forestry. These clones should not be planted in heavy soils.

Best suited clones for Clayey Loam soils : W-29, W-32, S-7 C-15 and W-109.

2) Clone Eucalyptus
Clone : 411, 413 , 3 , 7 , 271 , 288 , 316 , 2045 and 2070 etc.
Best Clone for short duration (Ballies) : 413 and 271


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